The armchair is a furniture that speaks about the uniqueness of the interior and the preferences of the owners. It expresses it through its shape, form, color and function. In Poland, we find it in apartments relatively rarely, although in recent times it has gained an increasingly stronger role in interior design. There are Scandinavian countries where every member of the family has it`s own chair. It plays the role of almost a throne in the kingdom. Everyone sits only in their own armchair. He is treated with haughtiness and respect. The armchair in Poland takes many different forms depending on the age and the needs of the user. There are traditional armchairs made on a wooden frame, richly upholstered in the style of Ludwik VI, to a very modern in a minimalist form, combining wood with metal and soft fabric. The most popular in Poland was the Uszak armchair, whose strong position from the 1960s seems to be safe for many years to come. If the living space allows that the set includes a footrest, this set creates conditions for full relaxation and allows you to relax the legs after the hardships of the day. Today in the rooms of every youngster who has to deal with computer games there is a gaming chair, a rotating office chair with extensive functions of comfort of use.


When we prepare the offer we put particular attention to the adjustment of the armchairs to the expectations of our clients. Deep or shallow seat, retractable footrest, choice of color and type of fabric. Everyone defines comfort differently, which is why in our offer you will find armchairs of various shape, size and finish – all in order to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. When we choose the models we put the attention to the latest trends, but often because of sentiment, we choose classic models, considered by us as cult or simply timeless.


Below is a part of our offer. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will definitely choose seats that will meet all requirements. We are also at full disposal to advise you in an easy selection by offering our extensive experience.

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