Bed frame

The frame is one of the three basic elements of bed construction and together with the mattress has the greatest impact on comfort and quality of rest. The basic function of the frame is support and amortization of the mattress placed on it. Thanks to the rib system, the frames are able to evenly distribute the weight of the person resting on it, which allows the mattress and the person resting in a comfortable and stable position to be kept. In our offer you will find frames both on a metal frame, wooden frame, with or without elevators, but also on a rubber telescopic tape. Based on our experience, we will propose the best solution for every customer.


Below is a part of our offer. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will definitely choose frames that will meet your requirements. We are also at full disposal to advise you in an easy choice by offering our large experience.

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