The bed is the central part and decorative element of each bedroom. It is mainly made of a carrying case for the mattress, which together with the headboard is the most visible and representative element which defines the style of the bedroom. The appearance and materials used in connection with the aesthetics of performance are particularly important here. If the headboard is upholstered, it also adds comfort of use when we want to relax and take a comfortable sitting position to read your favorite book or newspaper. We have beds made of various materials such as solid wood, laminated board, metal or upholstered fabric. The sale is dominated by upholstered beds and in particular with the function of a container for bedding. A noticeable trend in the bedrooms and growing in popularity, which for several years has been promoted at all exhibitions related to furniture is a continental bed. Such bed is associated mainly with a luxury hotel and its appearance draws attention to the layout of the mattress and base. The mattress is not embedded in the frame but is entirely based on the upholstered box with the same format.

Depending on the needs of the user, the base in its construction has bonel springs or only a slatted frame covered with fabric. This form makes us sleep at a higher level than with a traditional bed and also feel greater elasticity and deflection of the mattress.


Below is a part of our offer. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will definitely choose the beds that will meet your requirements. We are also at full disposal to advise you in an easy selection by offering our extensive experience.

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