Futon is a specific type of mattress with a traditional type of bed, which was born in Japan. Mostly the futon consisted of two layers – a fold-out mattress / jap. shikibuton / and quilts / jap. kakebuton /. Layers in succession were distributed on tatami mats, which are still one of the most popular floor coverings in Japan. Modern futons are mattresses, mostly filled with cotton. The covers of futon are made of natural cotton fabric with a characteristic quilting. They often go to beds, where instead of a slatted frame, there is a tatami mat. Currently futons have been enriched with the latest technology solutions, making them thicker and more comfortable to use. Popular additives include layers of foam, coconut and latex. Their use has also been transformed, futons have ceased to serve as “ground” mattresses, there have been series of frames in the form of couches or armchairs whose futons can become an integral part.


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