The mattress is the most important element of the bed and the bedroom. Speaking of the bed, quite often we do not think about the mattress and this is the basis for the comfort of sleeping. Over time, the layout of the rooms in the flat in which the separate bedroom is designed has been changing over the years and development of the building industry. At the expense of traditional multifunctional couches with sleeping function the most important role is taken over by the marriage bed. Analyzing the beds offer, we are convinced that in the bedroom the bed is just a support frame for the mattress and that’s what is the most important here. When changing the awareness of needs, more and more often the ratio in the planned budget mattress / bed from 1 to 3 changes the inverse of this coefficient.


The mattress in the bed is most often located inside the frame, placed on a frame with flexible slats to improve comfort and better sleep. In a different version of the beds is located on the top of the frame. It is a continental bed, which has recently become popular. The mattress then has exactly the same size as the support base. In this system, the mattresses are usually higher than the ones normally found on the market and are complete with a support base, often having the same rim.


The mattress consists of a cover and base. Cover except the visual side and aesthetics plays an important role in contact with the user’s body, therefore the fabrics used should be hygienic and have high circulation capacity. The base of the mattress is his heart, which is almost all aspects of use and relaxation. In traditional mattresses we find cotton and other natural components such as latex, coconut or horsehair.

In foam mattresses we find various types of polyurethane foams as well as thermoelastics called Visco or Memory with a special technical profile and perforation. In spring mattresses, pockets were permanently presents, which in combination with the 7-zone system constitute the most popular product group. The diameter of the spring and wire plays an important role here. To a small extent and increasingly rarely meet bonel springs, which do not translate into comfort, but because of the price all the time they still find buyers. The best solution in mattresses is the combination of pocket springs in a 7-zone system with a layer of PU or thermoelastic foams. This mattress adapts perfectly to the shape of the body by supporting them through springs and at the same time fits in with the flexibility of the foams. This type of hybrid has the best properties in the reception of comfort and at the same time ensures the best air circulation. It also makes the mattress more dry and less vulnerable to mites and mold growth.


A well-chosen mattress can be used for years. Due to their wide use, mattresses come in many varieties, differ in material, interior or hardness level. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and we are able to choose the perfect mattress for each client. The products we offer go through a series of rigorous tests and trials, all to ensure that our recipient receives a proven and safe product. Our authorial collection TenSen is based on years of experience in the industry and listening to the needs of customers.


Below is a part of our offer. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We will definitely choose mattresses that will meet your requirements. We are also at full disposal to advise you in an easy choice by offering our large experience.

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